Bits and pieces

So as some of you may know, I like rhyminess and wordiness. (hence the band name UnSeen 13). So these little starts and stutters are bits of line that I liked the sound of. Sometimes these end up becoming full fledged songs and sometimes they end up as nothing more than merely scraps in a notebook. Tell me if any of them stand out for you. Titles given if any . . .

A hopeless romantic
A hopeless Catholic
But it’s God and love that give me so much to be hopeful of

Everyone needs a second chance
I’m hoping you’ll give me three

Mixed Signals
I hear you say yes, but then you tell me to no
You beg me to stay, but then you force me to go

Invent your own reality
Seek your own destiny
Live a life of endless possibility

Trying to be something else
Anything else but me

Sometimes you miss what you left behind
But you can never look back
No, don’t ever look back

I don’t how I got here
But I know what I believe
I can’t share that with you now
But you might share that belief with me

I long for a home I may never find
It may only exist in my mind

I tried to fix my world outside
To make myself feel right inside

Look to the future
I live the present
Informed by my past

I can’t change what I’ve done
Have little control over what will come
All I can do is live in each moment
And enjoy it as if it’s my last

It’ll work the way God wants it to
I hope I can want it to work that way too
It doesn’t matter if I disagree
Because that’s the way it’s going to be

That’s all I got for now. Feedback appreciated. Feel free to subscribe to my blog :)

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About Scott Tran

My name is Scott Tran: singer, songwriter, violinist, vocalist, guitarist, and pianist. I've been singing my whole life and playing violin for nearly 19 years. The first album I ever owned was actually three albums I received for Christmas when I got a CD player in 7th grade: Bush - Sixteen Stone, Stone Temple Pilots - Purple, and Weezer - (the blue album). I suppose if you count cassette tapes then perhaps the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles is my first album. I'm not even talking about the movie soundtrack, but the one from the Pizza Hut promotion where they had some kind of world tour. Man, I still wish I had that album, but I digress =P So other than TMNT, my musical influences are far and varied. Many of my songs influence from bands like Weezer, Ben Folds Five, Coldplay, Radiohead, Death Cab for Cutie, and John Mayer. I've written songs for voice and guitar, voice and piano, and even voice and violin. Ultimately, I hope to put together a band to perform and promote my music everywhere. I moved to New York City in order to pursue singing/songwriting, and I work to continue to develop my craft, musical style, and skill on various instruments. I perform a wide range of styles including classical, pop, blue grass, celtic, traditional liturgical music, and contemporary praise and worship.

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  1. I like em.
    It’ll work the way God wants it to
    I hope I can want it to work that way too
    It doesn’t matter if I disagree
    Because that’s the way it’s going to be
    I like this one

  2. A beautiful song Scott! Can’t wait to hear it.

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